Dumb Trini Fry Bake and Saltfish

You’re not really from Saint Martin until you eat salt fish! At least, that’s what I read in an SXM cookbook last week. So today, I tried saltfish for the first time. You can be a “real” islander, too, when you try this recipe by blogger CS!

Jax & cs

My co-worker, who was born and raised in Trinidad, has been going on a Trini-kick for the past few weeks.  He booked his tickets to Carnival, and has been getting in the mood for it by speaking the language, and eating the food.  Last week, he brought up that he was missing fry bake and saltfish.  In his own words, “only us dumb Trinis would call it fry bake.  What is it, fried, or baked?  It’s not both, so why call it fry bake?!”  The man has a point!

I never got to experience true fry bake and saltfish when I was in Trinidad — what I did have though was Bake and Shark in Maracas, which is something everyone needs to go eat if you are a foodie.  Shark isn’t exactly an easy ingredient to find locally, however, saltfish is.

People who know me, know that I…

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