Dr. Seuss Day!

On the SXM clubhouse on a warm Saturday

Twenty-five children gathered to read and to play.

The morning was filled with laughter and mirth–

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birth!


We read Hop on Pop

And the words “Plip” and “plop,”

About a beetle bottle battle

And the goo-goose and cattle,


And how to travel on Mars

Or see pictures in stars.

We read with eyes shut tight

About feathers and flight.


Aqiyla, Stacey and Bre

Were Things 1, 2, and 3.

And Coach Tom, what was he?

Could it be?

Oh, the cat in the hat!

With the dog in the hat…

The dog in the hat?

Just think of that!

We all had fun

But too soon it was done.

We put Dr. Suess away

Until another happy day.

That’s all for now.

It’s fun to have fun…

And we sure do know how!


1 thought on “Dr. Seuss Day!

  1. Love this! Brings back many good memories of our own Dr. Seuss days! What an awesome organization you are blessed to volunteer with.


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