Saying Goodbye

Copyright Benjamin Johnson

I don’t like goodbyes. Does anyone? This summer has been a summer of good-byes. My first good-byes were to the kids at the private school where I worked. I am going to miss them so much! I cried the night before my last day. Then I said good-bye to dozens of friends and acquaintances when I graduated. Half my class packed up and moved back home. My next good-bye was to my friend when I helped her move to Payson. I may or may not see her again before I move. I visited friends in Williams and family in Flagstaff in July and said good-bye. Three weeks ago, I said good-bye first to a friend moving home to Nevada and then to a couple who were very close to us and lived a few meters away. Last weekend, our friends threw us a goodbye party and we said good-bye to more friends. There are many more good-byes to come. As I’ve reflected on these good-byes, I’ve realized a few things. First, good-byes don’t have to be forever. In eternity, I’ll see many of these people again. In this life, there are many opportunities to reconnect. Thank goodness for modern transport and technology! We can Skype anyone at any time who is virtually anywhere in the world. I can text message some people and email everyone else. My friends can casually see what I’m up to on my blog or on our Facebook page. We can fly to see people and they can fly to see us. When I moved from Flagstaff as a child, I was sad to leave my best friend. But do you know what? We still talk, fifteen years later.  So really, it’s not good-bye. It’s just “see you later.”

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